Services Offered & Fees

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Cost of Therapy & Insurance Information:

The fee for a 50 minute psychotherapy session is $90. I typically give my clients a full hour, even though I say 50 minutes, and if you prefer a 1 1/2 hour session, as many of the clients, (particularly the couples) I work with do, the fee is $135. I am an out-of network provider, which means that I can submit a monthly reimbursement bill for your insurance company – if your plan allows you to work with an out of network providers (and many do).  If you are concerned about being able to afford therapy, please call me. I have sliding fee spots available for clients facing financial difficulties.

I offer a free 20 minute phone consultation so feel free to call and talk to me. Keep in mind that the best fit therapist can often help you more efficiently in a shorter time frame than a more affordable therapist who isn’t as good of a fit.

Services Offered

Couples Counseling -Romantic love is an arena for profound healing and growth if we can learn to embrace the times of suffering as opportunities for this growth: Learn how to cultivate emotional and sexual intimacy through Conscious love: Learn how to bring softening and compassion into your communication in order to overcome rigid patterns of conflict; Learn how to rebuild trust; Learn how to circumvent emotional reactivity when you are triggered.

Spiritual growth– I offer spiritually focused therapy to fit your unique being. When it comes to supporting my clients with their spiritual growth, I embrace the philosophies of Carl Jung and Thomas Moore. Carl Jung’s technique of shadow work is a path of learning how to embrace the darker aspects of your nature. You will find that in the embrace of your shadow your core gifts will become accessible and your light will shine through all that darkness. I also incorporate and Thomas Moore’s philosophy of learning to live through one’s soul and crafting ones own spiritual path/religion by letting one’s soul be the determiner of what suits your own individual desires and needs.This is where the fun and creativity begin and you stop thinking of this as therapy, and embrace it as your own unique soul journey, or higher self vision.

Embracing your shadow: The key to conscious love is removing the veils that have been cast over you for decades due to some normal expression of excitement or anger that annoyed or triggered someone in your life, and subsequently, they shamed you and made you question the very essence of your being. You might have been a passionate child, with full expressions of anger and love. Yet what happens if you are shamed for even your healthy expressions of anger? Your anger goes underground and festers in your unconscious, taking you out of that center of loving-kindness that is your most powerful, loving, authentic self.  Your shadow contains not only the aspects of yourself that you are challenged by, but the jewels in the rough of your higher, most authentic self.

Soul work – learn how to be nurtured by your own soul, how to enhance your relationships with others and live a more meaningful life, and learn how to heal your soul level wounds and move into new realms of consciousness.

Alcohol or other Substance Abuse or Addiction recovery – (For the individual or couple: healing, self-monitoring, developing a new system with mindfulness and a support plan)

Sex Addiction Counseling (Gentle, mindfulness based approach to overcoming  sex addiction and/or internet porn addiction.)

Conscious Romantic Love: Because romantic love invokes the same depth of emotionality as our relationship with our parents, we project our unresolved wounds from our parents onto our partner. With the primal drive to attach and connect with our partner comes the unconscious fear of abandonment or engulfment. Therefore, romantic love has the potential to bring up our core wounds around these deep primal fears.

Conscious ParentingThis is Where it all starts:  Even if you’re not a parent, learning about conscious parenting will allow you to reflect more deeply on your inner child wounds and begin the journey of loving, and healing, yourself at the deepest level.  We all began to gather wounds to our psyches as we came into the world as beings of light and love only to be bounced around by our fear based culture and the blind spots, unkempt shadow work, and projections from our parents, siblings, peers, teachers, and other impressionable people in our lives. Conscious parenting allows us to foster a deeper, loving relationship with our children while allowing their self-esteem to blossom.

Parenting Your Emerging Adult and/or Adult Children – I work with parents who these days might very well be living with their emerging adult and/or adult children, helping them to have more conscious, mutually empowering relationships with one another. I offer family sessions that empower both you and your adult child to maintain a strong, loving connection through what I call “Nurturing talks.” Nurturing talks allow us to lovingly set healthy boundaries while consciously stepping out of the energetic realm of the toxic authoritarian parenting constructs that we as parents were most often raised in to varying degrees.

Self-esteem/ Self love work – (softening and opening your heart to yourself & learning how to become your own biggest advocate)

Teen/adolescent  counseling -(depression, trauma recovery, coping w/ parent’s divorce, adulthood transition,..)

Depression and Bipolar Disorder– (changing negative thought patterns, using mindfulness, mindfulness tools, soul-work if desired, psychiatrist referrals when needed)

Pre-marital counseling – (tools for cultivating intimacy & harmony & avoiding pitfalls,…)

Divorce/co-parenting counseling– (grief work, learning to nurture yourselves & your children & keep the peace) 

Parenting education– (from babies to teens and adult children)

Job loss/transition – (turning job loss into an opportunity for growth)

Blended families (support, education, couple and family process) 

Life transitions – (help with empty nest, serious illness, aging, seeking meaning in life,..)

LGBT Issues – (coming out, family planning, couple’s therapy, family counseling, self-empowerment,..) 

Grief/loss – (death of loved one, ending a long term relationship, divorce,..) 

Anxiety – (including OCD, panic disorder, agoraphobia,..)

PTSD/Trauma recovery – (car accidents, abuse, rape, assault, developmental trauma disorder, war,..)

Therapists and Interns – As therapists we have usually done some of our own therapy and healing work. However, \ many of us have not yet had the opportunity to heal at the deepest level – that of the soul. It is always an honor to support my fellow healers on their soul journey; I provide a very empowering, collaborative process that tends to offer immediate relief. It is about stepping into your larger self living your life through your soul’s vision. 

Child abuse recovery for the adult or adolescent survivor– (physical, sexual, verbal, emotional)

Abandonment Fear -(help with abandonment fear through mindfulness and and learning how to cultivate your inner beloved)

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