Conscious Dating

This is the first of several blog articles I will be writing on the topic of conscious dating, as Conscious Dating Coaching is one of my specialties! The reasons for partnering up, including getting married, have changed dramatically in the past few decades. Humans are also evolving and learning more about the intricacies of relationship […]

How Our Inner Beloved Helps us Transcend Abandonment Fear

Our beloved is our inner soul-mate. Our sacred vessel of divinity, our own uniquely crafted blend of masculine and feminine love in it’s fullest, most divine expression.  The concept of beloved was birthed from Jungian depth psychology, which explores our psyche, or soul (for those of us who believe in the concept of soul), as well as […]

A Jungian/Earth Based Approach to Awakening Counseling

With the embrace of our soul’s mission at the demise of our ego’s clinging, we have shifts into higher level of source or God awareness. It’s as though we suddenly see life through the lens of our soul, rather than through our patriarchal culturally wired brain pattern of survivor mode ego persona. Once we make […]

Awakening Counseling: Gentle Guidance on Your Journey of Endless Awakening

Awakening, Soul-crafting, Waking down, Jungian Shadow work, and Becoming Translucent are all terms for similar spiritual/philosophical paths leading to the same result: becoming a more mindful, holistically healthy, authentic, enlightened, soulful, compassionate, empowered, spiritual/philosophical human being. Each of us is a unique spiritual being having a unique human experience; therefore, different teachers and approaches to […]

How do I Know Whether or Not Couples Counseling Will Help?

I know many couples out there realize that they could benefit from couples counseling. Yet they would like to have a better idea of what they will really get out of it before they invest their time and money. Ultimately, what you will get out of couple’s counseling depends on several factors. Research has shown that a […]

Mid-life Crisis or Mid-life Awakening?

In his book, Finding Meaning in the Second Half of Life, Jungian psychologist James Hollis describes mid-life crisis as more of a spiritual awakening. Some come to this awakening through a growing sense of spiritual and philosophical longing in their disillusionment with our materialistic society. Others come into it from hitting a bottom, maybe from an alcohol […]