Awakening Counseling: Gentle Guidance on Your Journey of Endless Awakening

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Awakening, Soul-crafting, Waking down, Jungian Shadow work, and Becoming Translucent are all terms for similar spiritual/philosophical paths leading to the same result: becoming a more mindful, holistically healthy, authentic, enlightened, soulful, compassionate, empowered, spiritual/philosophical human being. Each of us is a unique spiritual being having a unique human experience; therefore, different teachers and approaches to the path of awakening resonate with each of us differently.

Some of us resonate the most with Eckhart Tolle’s approach in his teachings from The Power of Now. Others of us prefer Marianne Williamson, author of A Return to Love and still others might prefer Bill Plotkin’s teachings from his book and trainings on Soul Crafting. Having done extensive research in this realm, I have come to understand the path of awakening from many different philosophies and perspectives. I feel tremendous gratitude for every single teacher who has found a calling to help others learn how to really heal, through the self-nurturing and creative expression involved in doing our soul work.

The path of endless awakening is a level of awareness or consciousness that more and more individuals have access to. Up until the past few decades, a person had to find a guru or join a monastery in order to learn how to awaken into a more meaningful life. The difficulty for many is exactly how to navigate themselves on this path. Now we can be coached in a short period of time in the art of navigating our own individual path of awakening. In this collaborative, client-centered process in which I help you to identify your core desires, identify your strengths, and assist you in navigating a pathway that allows you to fulfill the longing that comes from your deepest nature.

In his 2005 book “The Translucent Revolution”, Arjuna Ardagh describes awakening as a “rivering,” a process without an end. The term he uses to describe this process as becoming translucent. Ardagh defines translucent as an individual who has undergone a spiritual awakening deeply enough that it has permanently transformed their relationship to themselves and to reality, while allowing them to remain involved in ordinary life in a process that is evolutionary and endless. There is no problem to fix, nor is there some final, higher state to achieve.

Unlike the approaches you will find in many self help books is not goal oriented.

The path of awakening, or living life through your soul (as I like to describe it, although I respect that some of us are Atheists) is more a matter of shifting your consciousness into being present and checking in with your body and your intuition/souls voice, rather than getting lost in the sea of your thoughts. Mindfulness, deep self inquiry, internal, external and intention based self nurturing along with an emphasis on creative self-expression and getting out of your head and into your body and soul are really




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