Conscious Dating

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This is the first of several blog articles I will be writing on the topic of conscious dating, as Conscious Dating Coaching is one of my specialties!

The reasons for partnering up, including getting married, have changed dramatically in the past few decades. Humans are also evolving and learning more about the intricacies of relationship with ongoing research in the fields of sociology, psychology, coaching, and neuroscience. Much of this information is accessible through Google searches. Yet much of the information that you come across on Google searches, and even from successful dating coach authors, therapists is subjective. Much of it is infused with some bias, or narrow mindedness.

Today, we must date very consciously, for if we really want to cultivate a beautiful, lasting relationship, we must be mindful of (1) Our own intentions, including our relationship vision, and whether it is a good fit with our romantic partners’ intentions and relationship vision (2) Their expectations (which often set you up for disappointment and are not recommended). (3) Chemistry, because if you aren’t mindful of how driven you are by pheromones, you could end up forgoing your beautiful relationship vision of finding your companion mate. For those of you who are trying to be in alignment with your soul mission, and therefore want more of a spiritual partnership and for individuals of a certain age in particular (having your mid-life awakening anyone?), you must set your intentions clearly and avoid this potential reptile brain detour. Listen to your intuition when you begin to feel swept away by the chemistry. Maybe you can have both! But go slow and be honest with yourself.






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