Christine Dufond, Licensed MFT

Christine Dufond, MFT: Holistic Psychotherapy: Specializing in Jungian Soul Work, Awakening Counseling, and Conscious Love Counseling for Couples and Individuals

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I am continuously in awe of the beauty and growth that comes out of the struggle for my clients when they learn how to heal and empower themselves. I believe that inside all of us is an innate ability to cultivate the gardens of our souls and our relationships and restore harmony and balance to our lives in a way we may have never thought possible. Sometimes we just need a safe, unbiased, sacred space to really focus on what it is that our soul is trying to tell us. Then, with some gentle, unbiased guidance and the acquisition of a few new insights and tools, we can free ourselves from our often unconsciously self-imposed limitations. My main emphasis and experience is in both couples counseling/marriage counseling and individual counseling for adults and adolescents. I also work with parents living with their emerging adult and/or adult children, helping them to have more conscious, mutually empowering relationships with one another. Some of the major aspects of my role as your counselor are: to help you identify your goals; heal/resolve/make peace with any past wounds; to help you to align with your own innate strengths and abilities; to collaborate with you in the therapeutic process so that you feel empowered and supported on your path of healing and growth; and to provide you with some new insights and skills to aid you on this magnificent journey. The difficulties that we experience in life are almost always an opportunity for growth. Understanding this allows us to spend less time in survivor mode as we gradually find ourselves coming more and more into living our life through our authentic, most empowered aspect of ourself, our soul. Then, we are able to embrace difficulty and unresolved grief in a way that allows us to heal, rather than cling, escape, and suffer continuously. Just as we are able to experience the bliss of the divine love within us that is unveiled more and more as we learn to care for our souls.

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